7 tips on how you can survive this Harmattan season

The Harmattan season originated from the dry and dusty winds which blows from the Sahara Desert over West Africa between

November and March of the following year. This season usually have negative health implications on people and plants as

The following tips will help you survive this season

1. Avoid exposing your body to cold during Harmattan to prevent pneumonia and other complications associated with the

2. Eat foods rich in vitamins, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.
3. It is normal to be dehydrated and to be thirsty frequently in this season, therefore, take adequate water. Take at

least 2 liters (four sachet water) of daily.
4. Put on warm clothing at night
6. Always have a nose Mask in your bag and use it whenever you are in a dusty environment.
7. Eat Warm food.
8. Avoid Carbonated drinks.

Following these tips will help you live healthy during this season!

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